Which Canadian city ranks #1 for health and wellness?

Which Canadian city ranks #1 for health and wellness?

Conference Board of Canada released its health ranking of Canadian cities. Erin Paul on which city topped the list.

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  1. orangefuzzz on February 11, 2022 at 10:14 pm

    They had me alert and attentive until they put Montréal at the bottom of the list. Now, I won’t defend it just because it’s my city- but because of the comparison that needs to be made. It may not be the top, which I can accept. But it certainly ain’t the bottom of the list. Anyone who says it is has never been here in the summer.

    Montréal has a higher stress level than Toronto? Really? I live in Montréal and visit Toronto OFTEN and can honestly say that Torontonians take stress to the next level. My Toronto friends come here regularly to unwind- and when I come back from a visit to Toronto, I need to unwind too. Toronto is a very high stress city where many people work multiple jobs to try to keep up with the high cost of living they pay for their crammed, overpriced homes. Now, I’m not hating on Toronto. I love to visit and I think that the Pride events are the best in Canada. They do everything big and it’s a great city. But as Joan Rivers would say: CAN WE TALK!?

    Healthy lifestyle: we have the most intricate and expansive bike paths of any city in North America. In 2015 Montreal was the only Canadian city to make the Top 20 annual Copenhagenize Index. Our parks system and overall green spaces are pretty vast compared to Toronto. Sure, we have a big nightlife culture- but that’s fun and I have to say I was healthiest when I was clubbing & dancing all the time. It’s great cardio! LOL

    Access to health-care services: we just built a new super-hospital and have clinics and local hospitals in almost every borough. Pharmacies here are as numerous here as McDonalds in other cities.

    Life satisfaction: We have the best cost of living of any of the major Canadian cities. Not sure how anyone could be dissatisfied here and I don’t know anyone who is or who thinks the grass is greener elsewhere. Montréalers typically go to bat for their city with good reason. We’re pretty happy people. (Now, we also stand up for what we believe and don’t take well to being pushed around by governments- so, you will see demonstrations and rallies on the news. But we have it good here and we don’t want anyone taking it away from us. THAT’S why we protest!)

    I donno. This "study" isn’t holding much water with me.

  2. YcrowsfootY on February 11, 2022 at 10:57 pm

    Well, Saskatoon is at least relatively insulated from the radioactive pollution from Fukushima. I mean, no one is truly sheltered from all the material released into the atmosphere, but at least they are not eating it in their sushi like Vancouverites. And the site is still leaking radioactive material. I would expect to be seeing an increase in cancer on the west coast, particularly thyroid cancer.