What Chinese consider healthy [China’s health and wellness market booming] (Market Tidbits 8)

What Chinese consider healthy [China’s health and wellness market booming] (Market Tidbits 8)

With China’s health and wellness market booming, daxue consulting decided to investigate exactly what Chinese perceive to be healthy. In any country, there are many conflicting and controversial ideas of what food and diets are healthy, what diet trends have landed in China, and what traditional beliefs on health are still held today?

This survey aimed to understand changing health perceptions in China, including health knowledge, dietary habits, and familiarity with health trends and diets. The data collected stems from 747 respondents, 84% under 30 and 72% from tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

▶ Find daxue consulting’s full survey results on Chinese health perceptions: https://daxueconsulting.com/health-perceptions-in-china/

▶ Find the transcript here: https://daxueconsulting.com/health-awareness-china-consumer-perceptions-healthy-food-market-tidbits-transcript/

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Jump to the survey answers:
1:04 Chinese respondents perceived health level of certain nutrients like protein, sugar, and carbs
3:28 Which foods Chinese respondents consider to be healthy or unhealthy
5:13 Chinese perceptions on the importance of each meal
6:57 Modern Chinese beliefs towards TCM and food, what role TCM plays in the diet
9:32 How COVID-19 impacted the daily routine and eating habits of Chinese
10:54 Prevalence of the Keto diet and meal replacements in China
13:20 How Chinese evaluate their own health, and whether they believe they need to lose weight
15:00 Takeaways for brands marketing in China’s health and wellness market

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