Wellness Trends during COVID-19 and After

Wellness Trends during COVID-19 and After

Speaker: Nancy Trent, Founder and President, Trent & Company

Description: More people are turning to news for information, education and entertainment. The journalists at those news outlets are counting on industry leaders for credible content on what people can and should be doing to survive and thrive during this period of protective isolation. People need essentials that help with immunity, staying healthy, feeling good, being productive and more.

To stay ahead of the trends, you need to understand where they spark and how they spark.

Health-centric brands are trending during COVID-19 and today’s “well-thy” consumer is ageless and willing to splurge on products that make them look better, feel better and live better, especially during this time. The average consumer is hyper aware of their health now more than ever and that will continue after COVID-19 is behind us.

Learn different methods and characteristics of marketing tailored for an increasingly wellness minded shopper of all ages.

In this session, attendees will learn how to:

* Understand the well-luxe market

* Profile the well-thy shopper

* Spot or spark wellness trends

* Adapt your message for a wellness minded audience

* Tips for reaching wellness shoppers where they are