Typical Aussie Foods to Try | Gourmet Adventures | Tourism Australia

Typical Aussie Foods to Try | Gourmet Adventures | Tourism Australia

Six quintessential Aussie foods for you to try.

Ask for ‘smashed avo’ (avocado) at a café and you’ll fit right in with the locals. There’s no cure better for a big night out quite like the morning-after Bacon and egg roll, reinterpreted by different cafes, offering their own twist on this nation-wide classic. Got a sweet tooth? Every Aussie kid grew up eating lamingtons. This cube of chocolatey sponge coconut cake goodness is another iconic treat appropriate for any occasion, from kids’ parties to weddings and high tea with Gran. The mighty Aussie meat pie is perhaps the most iconic Aussie food and is certainly a must-try. Best served with a generous amount of tomato sauce on the sidelines of an Australian Rules Football (AFL) game. If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Australia. You can’t beat some simple fish and chips by the beach – but don’t forget to ask for chicken salt on the chips! Aside from beer, Australia’s coffee culture is maybe our most beloved drink of choice. You have to try a flat white – It’s creamy, velvety and strong. Easily one of the most popular coffee orders down under

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