Top 5 Sports Nutrition Industry Trends in 2021

Top 5 Sports Nutrition Industry Trends in 2021

Based on the popularity of this trend prediction video from the last two years, I decided to again put my reputation on the line and try and predict the Top 5 Sports Nutrition Industry Trends in 2021. If you’re interested how I did in my 2019 and 2020 predictions, I made a recent Instagram post recapping my performance –

In no particular order, here are my prediction for Top 5 Sports Nutrition Industry Trends in 2021;
#1 – Don’t Go Chasing Trends
#2 – Commercialized Vibes
#3 – Linear Commerce Explodes
#4 – Athlete Inclusivity
#5 – Convenience Biohacking

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    What are your Top 5 predictions for sports nutrition trends in 2021?

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