The Good and Bad Diet Trends of Past 20 Years (Zone Diet, Blood Type Diet, Low Fat Diet) – Part 1

The Good and Bad Diet Trends of Past 20 Years (Zone Diet, Blood Type Diet, Low Fat Diet) – Part 1 In this video, Thomas DeLauer reviews the pros and cons of the popular diets from the past 20 years. He discusses the merits of these methods of eating as well as their flaws.
Today, we’re going to be reviewing some of the diet trends over the past 20 years. Now this is going to be a two-part series. So today in part one, we’re going to be focusing on the zone diet, the low fat diet, and the blood type diet.

The Zone Diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears. His whole focus with The Zone Diet was modulating inflammation. So he did a lot of research on how to reduce inflammation via different pathways, and he did a good job. So the premise of The Zone Diet is actually really, really good. The macronutrient breakdown of The Zone Diet was 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat. So, at the end of the day it really wasn’t too bad of a macronutrient profile. In my opinion, when it comes down to pros and cons of this, the pro of this kind of macronutrient profile is you’re still getting adequate amounts of protein. It’s not telling you that your protein should be reduced.

The low-fat diet was a very simple premise. It was all based around Ancel Keys, who in the 1950s had basically said that fats are going to kill us, and saturated fats are bad. His intentions were questionable. However, when we looked at it from a simple caloric standpoint, it made sense, reduce the fat, massively reduce the calories, get the weight off. However, what we didn’t realize was going to happen was potentially hormone issues that would occur simply because the fats weren’t there. But now we start finding out later into the 21st century that these fats were required for brain health, for myelination of our nerves. So the low fat thing was all about the demonization of fats.

The next one that I want to talk about is the blood type diet. This one was really interesting, and quite honestly I believed a lot of it for a long period of time, and there’s still components that I think are attributable to a lot of people. The blood type diet said, hey, if you have a specific blood type, there’s going to be specific foods that are going to work for you, and specific foods that are not going to work for you. And when you look at it, it makes sense, type A, type B, okay, some of these people can eat red meat, some of them can’t.

I loved it because the amount of work that went into it was truly, truly phenomenal. And I think people had a lot of benefit with it simply because it restricted their foods again. So when we look at the diet and we look at just how people respond to diets in the first place, whenever there’s some caloric restriction or food restriction, people lose weight and have success. And when you lose weight, you reduce C reactive protein levels and you lose inflammation and you ultimately end up dropping your blood cholesterol levels. Anytime you have a break from food in your bloodstream, inflammation can go down and your body can heal. So when you restrict people’s food, and you tell them they can only eat XYZ, you’re eliminating and alienating a certain amount of food from them, so they start to lose weight.

I invite you to join me for part two as we investigate the South Beach Diet, and Atkins, and a couple of others as well. I’ll see you soon, and thanks for keeping it locked in here with Antler Farms.


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    I did the blood type diet for about a year. Made no difference. Now I just eat whole foods.

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    Have you tried these diets of the past – the Zone Diet, Blood Type, or Low Fat Diet? Did they work? Please share your experience.