The Good and Bad Diet Trends of Past 20 Years (Keto, Paleo, South Beach & Atkins Diet ) Part Two

The Good and Bad Diet Trends of Past 20 Years (Keto, Paleo, South Beach & Atkins Diet ) Part Two In part two, Thomas DeLauer discusses the Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, South Beach Diet, and the Atkins Diet. He gives you the honest pros and cons and breaks down what’s good and what’s bad.
South Beach diet created in 2003 by Doctor Arthur Agatston. So, he was a cardiologist and he really believed in doing what he called a modified low carb diet. So, I really do actually think the South Beach diet had perfect intentions. It was really solid. In fact, a lot of people had immense success on it. The main purpose of it was to restrict the unhealthy carbohydrates as much as possible and really train people to avoid the high-glycemic carbs. It focused on the indoctrination of healthy fats and the, I guess you could call it demonization of bad fats because they really were pretty hard on staying off the saturated fats as much as possible. So, it was almost like a Mediterranean sort of diet, but with a little bit more emphasis on lower carb.

Atkins was focused on restricting carbs. You see, the Atkins diet was all about get the carbs low, get the carbs low, but really focus on just eating whatever you need to as long as the carbs are low. If you’re sitting in a low carb state, you’re low on energy, you’re sluggish, you’re not getting all the way into Keto, so Atkins really should have done a little bit better job of focusing more on the Keto side of it because otherwise, you’re sitting in this gray area where again, you’re just having a little bit of carbohydrates, which is kicking you out of that ketogenic state.

Paleo is a lot like the Ketogenic diet with the exception of the fact that you could have carbohydrates as long as they’re close to the earth. Okay, so you can have starchy vegetables, you can have the fruit. You just can’t be having the grains and the processed grains. So, paleo is paleolithic. It’s all about living as close to the earth as possible similar to how a cave man would live. In fact, think of it just like that. If you were a cave man, what would you eat? From a general health standpoint, I think it’s really good. Where there is some confusion is where the macros should lie.

Keto is like Atkins, except done properly in the sense that you are really aggressively restricting carbohydrates and making a concerted effort to have fats in the diet so that you can produce ketones. The Ketogenic diet is not about the restriction of carbohydrates, it’s about the presence of the ketones.

The purpose of the ketogenic diet is actually to modulate inflammation and to get the body saturated in these amazing ketones, not to deprive yourself of carbohydrates. The pros of the Ketogenic diet are a modulation of inflammation, improved brain function, improved energy, improved stamina, improved heart rate, improved cardiovascular function, improved DNA transcription, so gene expression, things like that.

Okay the cons, are energy when you start out, your energy is going to be low. The cons are also going to be the Keto flu where you feel sluggish when you’re first starting out. The cons are going to be a loss of strength in the gym.

The point is, you have to do what works for you. So, out of these four, if I had to give my stamp of approval on them, I would probably lean towards Paleo and Keto.


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  1. Linda on June 22, 2021 at 7:55 pm

    I never had a weight issue until menopause…then I was all belly. When being between a size 3-5 your entire life, then having to wear the pull on jeans and comfy pants messed with my head, I had Great Depression and withdrew from any and all activity that was in public. I was too embarrassed for people to see me all belly-fied.
    When I first found out about keto, I was already in my 5th year of menopause and had accepted myself as old and fat. But as I watched many videos and read many testimonials, I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t eating properly, I wasn’t eating much at all. I practically live alone as my 3rd and final child turned 18 the same month I started keto.
    So 51/2 months later, I’m down 23 lbs and no big fat menopausal belly…not saying I’m in a size 3 or 5 yet, but a 7 looks pretty dang good compared to all the pull-ups I was forced to wear. Lol
    My problem wasn’t eating too much, it was not eating enough, and of course I wasn’t eating the right kinds of food. I was still eating the SAD diet, and we all know now that it leads to obesity, lots of major health issues and even death.
    I m very glad I came across these keto videos on YouTube, it literally has saved my actual life and now my social life as well, thanks to the good people sharing their knowledge of truth.
    Thank you 🙏🏻

  2. B Bradford on June 22, 2021 at 8:11 pm

    been on protein and fat meat all meat since 1996 strict no drugs, no wine beer or liquor, no sugar limited to max of 80 carbs a day 10 days a month unless A day of excessive physical exertion some whole-grain or purple rice for that day only than had report of low calcium as i kept breaking hands working so started drinking more whole milk cheese home made no sugar yogurt added for the last four years the combination of the fat and estrogen from whole milk products made my prostate the size of a melon. I cannot eat wheat as allergic to it so that helps so no wheat of any kind and as i have beed little dehydrated for the past years on these protian based diet and I notice as i get off nothing but proteins stiff hands and feet so it’s taking some time for my body to reset itself. I never felt bad still very fit no high blood pressure, no heart disease, no lung problems no other issues except allergies but I can’t take any antihistamines or decongestants anymore either started on modified mediterranean diet with only oatmeal one cup in the morning and some beans and lentils lots of lettuce spinach tomatoes onions, berries still lots of proteins but fish shrimp white meat (i miss the beef and protein shakes) lots of nuts, olive oil coconut oil prostate getting a little better but I’m not doing drugs from the doctor and no surgery i have no regrets for past 23 years on food choices i felt and fell good and loosing a little mass but still fit it could be limited workouts and less ability to strain myself. I wanted younger men to start thinking about later life and be be carful do what works for you and be responsible to yourself and your body. I don’t take care of myself to prolong my life as I believe that when it is my time to go i will go God is sovereign after all but I am responsible to take the best care of this body and make choices that will let me enjoy the life and time I have been granted by God. I Started keto diet in varied forms in my late 20s due to acid reflex and it was gone in 2 months felt great i never imaged that I could damage myself with protein and fat at 56. The problem with the food day is more than what we eat it is where it is coming from and where do you get real non gmo food. Plants and meat and limited amounts of specific types of carbs I believe should be the base of our diet but carbohydrates today and sugar are truly the enemy. Be healthy

  3. Antler Farms on June 22, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    In this video, Thomas DeLauer rates the most recent diet trends? What’s your opinion of the Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, South Beach Diet, and the Atkins Diet? Did these work for you? Please share your experience.