The Fitness Industry Will Prey on Your Shame in 2021…& Years to Come | 2021 New Years Resolution

The Fitness Industry Will Prey on Your Shame in 2021…& Years to Come | 2021 New Years Resolution

Hello friends! I thought this video would be a great video to begin the New Year. I recently started a deep dive into what Influencer Privilege is and from there, I’ve been able to branch off into many topics regarding the predatory and toxic aspects of the health, diet, fitness and beauty industry.

My goal is to keep shedding light on these uncomfortable topics, have an open discussion on ethical influencership and conscious consumerism, and hopefully help others who might struggle as well. Just remember, if you are struggling with negative body-image, orthorexia/eating disorders, overtraining, muscle-dissatisfaction, etc…You are NOT alone. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with feeling lost when it comes to fitness, diet, and overall wellness behaviors, because there’s so much different and juxtaposing information coming toward us through social media and advertisements at the speed of light. Understand, this industry is built to prey off of your guilt, shame, and body-dissatisfaction, profiting off of you when you feel poorly about yourself. Feel free to reach out to me anytime on Instagram (@BirdiesBootcamp) if you are feeling any of these feelings, I know it’s a struggle, but you’re worth feeling good about yourself.


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The guilt appeal

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