Part 2 The Future Evolution of Health and Wellness – Wellity Trend Watch

Part 2 The Future Evolution of Health and Wellness – Wellity Trend Watch

Wellity Trend Watch – The Future Evolution of Health and Wellness Part 2

On part 2 of Wellity Trend Watch episode Dr. Pansak Sungkraroek, Vitallife Scientific Wellness Center shares his thoughts on healthcare trends, and the future evolution of wellness, health and tourism.

“The hospitality industry is also shifting to this paradigm. Hotels and resorts are increasing value for guests through improved fitness, food, spa and wellness programs that integrate treatments and offerings that enhance immunity and health.” – Anthony Jude Tan.

As the wellness industry integrates with the hospitality sector there are exciting new opportunities for owners, investors, developers and operators. Anthony, Mark and Dr. Pansak shares their views on the future growth of the wellness and health tourism.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this Wellity Trend Watch episode.


Integrating Medical Wellness with Resort Hospitality

Wellity is a premier hospitality management brand, established in 2017 that creates superior and innovative wellness projects for hotels and resorts.

Wellity provides services in development and management of Medical Wellness Resorts.

Fueled by a strong passion to always place holistic health at the center of our conceptualization and designs, Wellity was established with the vision to develop and manage hospitality projects by synergizing and integrating aspects of medical WELLness and hospitaLITY.

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