New Lighting Design Trends in Wellness and Hospitality

New Lighting Design Trends in Wellness and Hospitality

This session should appeal to both architects and designers, particularly those interested in lighting and spaces. We’ve built this program so it lets the attendee see the lighting design process with the eyes of a hospitality design architect. In fact, new design trends are utilizing lighting as a tool to create ambiance in built experiential environments and is key in supporting new brands and concepts. We’ve found that in the search of attractive, functional and exciting built environments, architects and designers rely on the versatility and quality of current lighting technologies to emphasize the elements of new trends on retail, wellness and hospitality projects. The attendee will also understand the power of lighting design in brand and ambiance creation. Ultimately, attendees will learn a new approach to the use of lighting design with natural light in harmony for hospitality projects.

Jose Antonio Gonzalez, AIA, Founder and Design Principal, Jagar Architecture and Design,

After graduation, Jose Antonio Gonzales worked for Team Haas Architects, Austin; Sauerbruch, Hutton Architects, Berlin; and RGA Architects and Planners, New York City. Before launching Jagar, he collaborated directly with Frank Gehry as design associate for 9 years. He has worked on projects such as Gehry Partner’s “Puente de Vida” museum and the Brooklyn Atlantic Yards Arena and Towers. Although his overall expression is predominantly contemporary, it includes texture rich details that give a warm and inviting feel, and he uses a unique approach that always incorporates art. Jose holds a Bachelor of Architecture with honors from the University of Texas at Austin and is an active member of the American Institute of Architects.

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  1. John Lawlor on January 12, 2022 at 9:45 pm

    Finally … Great presentation. Simple and easy to relate too. As a Lighting Designer, I find sometimes we can get too "techie" … I will be sharing with my clients here in Western Canada

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