Ballet – one of the latest fitness trends in California

Ballet – one of the latest fitness trends in California

(17 Aug 2009)
Pure Barre ballet fitness studio, Brentwood, California, 18 June 2009
1. Women in ballet class
2. Wide of women stretching their legs
3. Close up to pull out from foot to woman
4. Wide of women standing and stretching
5. Wide of women on mats stretching legs
6. Women holding the barre and stretching
7. Set up Wendy Johnson, Head of the National Dance Council America and choreographer
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Wendy Johnson, Head of the National Dance Council America and choreographer:
“We’ve had various exercise tapes out over the years combining some of the Latin dances, combining some core exercises and now combining ballet with it as well. It’s a grace and I think people need to learn to have grace with how they walk down the street. Whenever you see a dancer, there is always an air about them that’s special and I think ballet is great for that.”
9. Medium shot of three women stretching at barre
10. Wide of women doing stretch kicks on floor
11. Medium of woman stretching legs
12. Set up of Marni Chaikin, owner of Pure Barre, Brentwood, California
13. SOUNDBITE (English) Marni Chaikin, Owner of Pure Barre:
“The whole reason behind the technique is that it’s very intense and therefore you will see results. If it doesn’t feel like it’s working it probably isn’t and you never get that sense with Pure Barre. We start out the class with a really wonderful warm-up that works the core and the upper body, then we move onto the ballet barre where we work the thighs very thoroughly, stretch that out then we work the seat muscles, stretch that out and then we proceed to do a ton of core work.”
14. Medium of women at barre plies
15. Pull out of womens’ hands on barre to medium lifting legs
16. Wide of women holding bar and lifting legs
17. Medium of a woman doing the splits
18. Pull out of a foot to a medium woman stretching legs
19. Wide of women squeezing the ball during plie
20. Wide of women standing upright posture
21. Set up shot of Athene Farmas
22. SOUNDBITE (English) Athene Farmas, Vox Pop:
“I have really enjoyed witnessing the transformation of my body, to having my core strengthened. I stand straighter. I’ve actually stopped seeing my chiropractor. I was seeing him three times a week and having since incorporated Pure Barre into my workout regime I’m tighter. I’ve lost inches and my whole stance has changed.”
23. Set up of Melyssa Peters
24. SOUNDBITE (English) Melyssa Peters, Vox Pop:
“I just started about two months ago. I’m getting married in a month. I wanted to do something that was going to get me in shape for the wedding but to also get me healthy. I’m not one for committing myself to a gym regiment. This particular type of workout is fantastic. I literally come in and I’m out in 55 minutes. They play great music. You get a full body workout from head to toe and you leave feeling like you’re high on something although you didn’t take anything.”
Crunch Gym, Barre Assets class, West Hollywood, California, 18 June 2009
25. Close up of Crunch sign
26. Medium women squatting lifting barre
27. Wide of women with barre
28. Wide of the teacher with students holding barre and kicking
29. Set up of Omar Lopez, dance instructor
30. SOUNDBITE (English) Omar Lopez, Dance instructor, Barre Assets class, Crunch Gym:
31. Wide of class squatting with barres.
32. Medium of woman lifting barre
33. Medium of leg exercise
34. Tilt up of girl squatting with barre
These days people expect more from their work-out routine than plain jogging in the park.
350 calories are burned an hour practicing ballet.

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