5 Wellness Trends from the Past Decade to Take Into 2020

5 Wellness Trends from the Past Decade to Take Into 2020

New year, new you.

But it’s good when history repeats itself.

Here are five wellness trends from the past decade experts recommend taking into 2020.

Paying attention to mental health is key.

A health professional at Yale tells NBC News the stigma about needing help is decreasing, and that’s a good thing.

She adds that in schools, there’s been a big jump in programs on mindfulness when decades ago meditation and mindfulness were too spiritual to be mentioned in schools.

Plant-based options have always been around.

More like, on the side.

Now, plant-based options have become the main dish.

Health and environmental factors have only made the trend more popular.

Getting better sleep is a trend from the 2010s that should carry over to this decade.

Sleep trackers and other tech helped regular people see how sleeping long enough is tied to better health.

A sleep medicine specialist at Northwestern Medicine tells NBC News that lousy sleep has been shown to increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s disease.

People want to experience wellness.

Think spa retreats, fitness pop-ups or a nutrition or cleansing event, according to wellness company, MINDBODY.

A recent study of over 20,000 participants showed 55% want to go to at least one wellness event in 2020.

This decade will also see more folks trying complementary and alternative medicine, according to Essence.

Everything from meditation, breathing exercises and acupuncture.

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