5 Fitness Trends you NEED to be AWARE of | Fitness Psychology

5 Fitness Trends you NEED to be AWARE of | Fitness Psychology

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Hey everyone!

In this video I go over common Fitness Trends (including myself) that people tend to fall in to! I appreciate anyone who is serious about exercising but sometimes we fall into these fitness habits that could potential be bad for you and may not even know it. Thats what this video is for!

Common Trends:

1. Same Routine Every Day – if you keep doing the same routine every day or never change what you are doing, you won’t see any results you are striving for! Or it gets really boring!

2. No Mobility / Recovery – For you to really get ahead of your fitness goals, mobility and recovery has to be a part of the journey. When you workout you are actually breaking down your muscle and their fibers. So in order to make them stronger and more develop they also need to recovery and be stretched out.

3. NOT Pushing yourself – A LOT of people are caught up in this trend. You are not seeing results because you are not pushing yourself to the point where body will change (lose weight or gain weight). You need to get uncomfortable and push yourself past “your limits” Trust me you can go harder 😉

4. Not Hydrated – When you are dehydrated, your body simply does not function as well as it should be. When you drink plenty of water and are hydrated your workouts will be far superior and efficient.

5. Not Eating Enough – You need to eat to have the proper fuel for your workouts. The more fuel you have, the better the workout, the more results you will get. This applies for weight loss also, don’t starve yourself with all your workouts.