3 Corporate Wellness Trends for 2022

3 Corporate Wellness Trends for 2022

Last week I attended a virtual conference called “This Can Happen”.

“This Can Happen” supports employers and employees across the world to create a positive environment for good mental health in the workplace.

For me there were three emerging trends in corporate wellness to be aware of in 2022:

Firstly – employees feel the need for wholeness.

We have all heard the buzz words surrounding job satisfaction: purpose, sustainability, alignment, financial reward, impact etc.

But cut through these (like many employees want too) and what it all comes down to is simply feelings of wholeness … employees no longer wish to wear two identities, one as the company professional and one as who they REALLY are.

The pandemic and the newly created flexi world has been the push employees needed to show up authentically in every aspect of their lives. And with that, a new level of truth and honesty around the Mental Health support needed has thankfully surfaced.

The second emerging trend in corporate wellness is storytelling.

You see with the desire of wholeness from the employee – comes an invitation to share your story from the employer.

The Importance and acceptance of storytelling within the workspace has grown tremendously over the last 18-months and will continue to do so.

It is now widely accepted that all employees have challenges with mental health in some form – whether that be their own, that of their partner, or their child … and importantly, these mental health challenges profoundly impact the employee’s ability to focus and show up fully within the workspace.

This is especially true for mothers I work with.

Providing working mothers with the right support to manage their home and personal life is no longer considered a luxury or even a benefit perk – it is actually a necessity employers must offer to foster outstanding performance.

And the third trend I see (and piggybacking this desire for wholeness and transparency of storytelling) – is that Group Coaching is now being considered a popular way to enhance Company Culture

This greatly energized me because so much of the work I do for corporates is focused on group coaching for mothers.

Group coaching and group programming creates cultures of belonging and equip employees with mental health tools – so they can thrive personally and professionally as well as hold their colleagues accountable for taking full responsibility for their mental health and emotional health too.

So there you have it – the three trends for corporate wellbeing in 2022 I took away from “This Can Happen” virtual conference: wholeness, storytelling, and group coaching .. all 3 are massive shifts occurring to improve employee mental health and job performance as well as enhance company culture.

A special thanks to Zoe Sinclair, the founder of “This Can Happen,” for putting on such an educational and transformative event, the evolution of corporate wellness is extremely exciting and I encourage you to Check out “This Can Happen” for more information and resources!

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