2021 Wellness Trends

2021 Wellness Trends

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort has the latest technologies in spa and launched “Touchless Wellness” mid-2020 to offer their guests new result driven touchless services.

Discover – cutting edge technology with a range of health benefits rapid recovery, weight loss, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Among those included on the menu:

Prism Light Pod – The industry’s most-advanced, 360-degree whole-body red light therapy system that enhances natural wellness and speeds aesthetics & performance recovery 4-10 times. https://prismlightpod.com/

Spa Wave – Vibration & Sound Therapy for the Essential Power Nap – Even for the busiest minds.

V.E.M.I. – Vibroacoustic Electro Magnetic And Infrared Therapy

VibraGenix – The No Sweat Workout

The Rasha – Mind harmony using scalar plasma sound technology


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