20 2020 Healthcare Trends

20 2020 Healthcare Trends

The mark of a new year is an exciting time and if you’ve looked at any trending healthcare statistics from the past decade, you’d notice that many of them make projections to 2020. They all did this because 2020 is a benchmark year and at the time it sounded so much further away than it was.

Well, it’s now 2020, welcome to the new decade. Healthcare is about to change dramatically.



The biggest trend of the next decade within healthcare is the adoption of AI technology. Artificial intelligence technology is on the rise, we hear about it constantly. Right now AI technology is at a point where many people are afraid that these tools will devalue their employees’ work. That’s actually not the case, they’re intended to reduce cumbersome tasks so that professionals can focus their attention and skills on patients. AI will have a huge impact this decade.

Number two on our list is better EHRs will come. Throughout 2019, many reports came out stating and showing that current EHR systems contain clunky UI systems and don’t work how they’re intended. They’re supposed to save healthcare workers time but many have the adverse effect. In 2020 this will start to change.

For number three, we have an increased emphasis on patient relationships. The power is shifting more towards the patient. As doctors have become busier over the past several years, they’ve had less time to spend on their patients individually. This leads to patients feeling abandoned. If patients feel abandoned they’ll switch practices. Healthcare practice’s are starting to realize this and will focus more on the patient this year.

At number four we have sending patient satisfaction surveys. This trend is the result of number three. Asking for patient feedback on their experiences shows that a practice cares about their services while giving insight on how to keep their patients. They’re also a great way to source patient testimonials, which is a big reason why they’ve landed on our list of trends.

Number five is cybersecurity will continue to become more important. Throughout the last few years, we’ve seen an upward trend in hackers targeting healthcare companies. This is largely because many of them still haven’t taken the necessary steps to protect the protected health information they store. That’s why cybersecurity will continue to trend upward throughout the next decade.

At number six we have training employees on HIPAA. Cyberattacks aren’t the only way that PHI leaks onto the dark web. Employee mistakes are one of the top reasons why HIPAA breaches occur. In order to prevent those mistakes from happening, HIPAA training needs to happen more often.

At number seven we have price transparency. As I mentioned earlier, the power is started to shift toward the patient. This also means that they increasingly want to know how much they’re going to spend on a healthcare procedure. State and local governments have also realized the need for price transparency and a few laws have already passed to try to solve this problem. We can expect more of these types of laws to come out this decade.

For number eight we have telehealth. Within the consumer space, convenience is king. That started to bleed into the healthcare industry a few years back and it’s just now starting to take off. People want the ability to access health services the moment they need it. They also happen to always have their smartphone on them. Pairing these two up is a no-brainer, which is why telehealth will continue to trend.

Halfway through our list of 2020 healthcare trends, at number nine we have monitoring with wearables. While smartwatches take off, so too does the technology within them. What I mean by that is the ability to monitor our own health from devices we wear on a daily basis will continue to grow more sophisticated.

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