150: Body: Top 10 Health Trends in 2020 (and the Ones I am Committing to Personally!)

150: Body: Top 10 Health Trends in 2020 (and the Ones I am Committing to Personally!)

Welcome to 2020 and the second episode in our three-part series of solo episodes focusing on body, business, and inner badass!

In today’s episode, I’m going to be breaking down what I predict are going to be the top 10 health and wellness trends of 2020! This will serve as an overview of where I think the market is going to go as well as what I think we’re going to be hearing more and more about as individual wellness consumers. This also may provide some ‘food for thought’ about where many of us need to step into when we begin to look at our own health and our capacity for health optimization!

In no particular order, these are the trends we’re going to start to see in 2020 that will begin to seriously shift the marketplace!

Key Takeaways:

[1:22] About today’s solo episode!

[2:33] The first trend: new technology and methodologies around mindfulness and meditation, and my own personal goals related to it.

[5:32] The second trend in my top ten: allthings sleep!

[7:22] Trend #3 in wellness and health: community.

[10:07] Trend #4: in-home group fitness.

[12:49] Trend #5: taking individualized medicine to an entirely new level!

[15:46] Trend #6: more health and wellness technology.

[17:45] Trend #7: light therapy!

[20:47] Trend #9: CBD.

[23:33] Trend #10: lymphatic health.

[27:20] Those are the top 10 health and wellness trends I think we’ll be seeing in 2020!

[27:53] I want to hear from you guys! Head on over to The Entrepology Collective and let me know what you’re curious to explore in 2020!

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What’s on your top 10 list? Let me know what you’re predicting to see for health and wellness trends in 2020 or what you’re curious to explore in the coming year! Be sure to follow-up on The Entrepology PodcastFacebook page — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable!

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